COPE Course Unit

15.1 Course Objective


  1. to strengthen capacity in implementing viable potato seed supply systems to enhance potato value chains and contribute to food security.
  2. Update participants' knowledge on recent developments in seed potato supply systems;
  3. Assess opportunities and necessary conditions for improving supply systems of high quality seed potatoes with private sector participation;
  4. Provide opportunity for exchange of experiences and development of new ideas among participating professionals.

15.2 Course Outline


  1. Concepts of Seed Production
  2. Diseases and Pests
  3. Seed Systems Harvesting and Post-Harvest And Handling

15.3 Course Content


1.1.1 Concepts of Seed Production

Recent developments in seed potato production in Kenya

Introduction to seed potato production, agronomic practices and soil management and economics

Variety evaluation, release and Gazettement

Seed Potato Production and profitability

Authorization and self-regulation for Seed Potato Production

1.1.2 Diseases and Pests

Overview of disease and Pests of Potatoes

Major fungal and viral diseases of potatoes and the management options

Bacterial diseases of Potatoes and their control

1.1.3 Seed Systems Harvesting and Post-Harvest and Handling

Certification of Seed potatoes in Kenya

Seed storage and packaging – small scale and advance system, eg labeling and sealing to be demonstrated by KEPHIS staff

1.2 Case studies

Field Visits - Quality Assurance and Seed Certification: showcase list of registered varieties for various countries

Discussions on agronomy, variety evaluation and Gazettement, seed systems

1.3 Exercises and practical – Part of field visits unit

Seed field inspection and variety identification, post-control plot observation.