COPE Course Unit

16.1 Course Objective


  1. The course will enhance participants’ awareness and knowledge on: analysis of pesticide residue and formulation by use of HPLC, GCFID, GCMSMS AND LCMSMS
  2. The provide hands on training on analysis of pesticide residues and formulation
  3. Appreciate the use of HPLC, GCFID for analysis of formulation and GCMSMS and LCMSMS for pesticide residue analysis.

16.2 Course Outline


  1. Concepts of Seed Production
  2. Diseases and Pests
  3. Seed Systems Harvesting and Post-Harvest And Handling

16.3 Course Content


1.1.1 Sample reception
  1. Sample reception procedure and coding
  2. Client contract review
  3. allocation of samples (worksheet)
1.1.2 Quality Assurance System, ISO 17025:2005 Standard and Accreditation Status, Sample Receipt procedure, Processing and Storage requirements
  1. Introduction to ISO 17025:2005
  2. Accreditation scope of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  3. Quality Assurance Manual and QA and QC programs
1.1.3 Sample Processing
  1. Sample preparation procedure
  2. Registration of processed samples
  3. sample retention and storage conditions
1.1.4 Standard Preparations
  1. Preparation of reference standards (primary, stock and working)
  2. Labelling and storage of reference standards
1.1.5 Pesticide Formulation Analysis Sample preparation
  1. SOP for determination of Pesticide active in a formulation
  2. Sample weighing, sample dilution
  3. Sample packaging for Instrumental determination
1.1.6 Sample extraction (Quechers Method)

SOP for determination of multi residues in low fat fruits and vegetables, preparation of extraction salts, sample weighing, extraction, clean up, spiking for recoveries and use of internal standards, solvent exchanging and sample packaging for Instrumental determination

1.1.7 Instrumentation and Reporting of results

Introduction to LC MSMS, GC MSMS and GC MS, routine checks before Instrument start up, Building and running sequences, Qualification and Quantitation of results, QC programs (control charts), instrument trouble shooting, Data verification and reporting of results

1.2 Exercises and practical – Part of field visits unit

Assign analysis tasks during practical sessions.